What should you know about Cervical Pain ?

What is the anatomy of the neck ?

The neck includes seven vertebrae (back bones) forming the cervical spine. Between each vertebra, a spinal nerve comes out. The spinal nerves control the muscles, skin sensation, tendons and ligaments. More importantly, the spinal nerves are the ones receiving and transmitting to the brain the “pain” information.

The purpose of the cervical spine is here double: Give motion and flexibility to move and interact with your environment Protect the nervous system against damage (brain and nerves) .What most of us don’t imagine is that the cervical spine supports the full weight of the head, which is on average about 6 kgs (same than a bowling ball). Therefore the neck area is very important but also fragile and more susceptible to injuries and pain.

The neck includes seven vertebrae (back bones) forming the cervical spine

 What Causes Neck Pain?

Hundred thousands of people around the world are suffering from neck pain. If you want to know why, we need to look into how our lifestyle has changed over the last decades. Indeed it has become a public health issue causing millions of dollars to governments.

Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Poor posture: use of new technologies such as smartphones, laptop, tablets, television which are forcing our head forward.
  • Work ergonomics (long working hours in front of computer, wrong screen or sitting position) Wrong sleeping position: sleeping 6 to 10 hours in an awkward position increases neck tension
  • Accident (sport, car, motorbike)
  • Emotional stress: haven’t you experienced neck pain when your workload is increased and your deadline closer ?

Common neck pain symptoms and signs of spinal dysfunction

Some of the symptoms of neck dysfunction are pretty obvious. Indeed when we experience neck stiffness, muscle ache, or general soreness we know that something is wrong and that it is time to take care of it. However some other signs of spinal neck anomalies are less obvious although as important.

Some of the symptoms of neck dysfunction are pretty obvious

Radiating or tracing pain: shoulder, arm, hand or finger pain are very often signs of spinal dysfunction or nerve compression in the neck. It can be felt as an electric shock, a squeezing or burning sensation.

  • Tingling, numbness, or weakness. It can be experienced as a “pins-and-needles” or “ants” sensation. Most of the time radiations are felt in one arm.
  • Decreased strength: because the nerve is squeezed, the muscle might respond improperly and result in difficulties to grip or lift objects Headaches: they are very often an early sign of neck dysfunction.
  • Sleeping issues
  • Lack of concentration or focus

What are the solutions to prevent and treat neck pain?

Get adjusted by your chiropractor. Chiropractors are specialized in the treatment of spine, joint, muscle or ligament dysfunction and pain. Chiropractors perform what is called “spinal adjustment” which is a manipulation of the spine. The goal of this treatment is multiple:

  • Restore joint mobility Increase joint flexibility
  • Decrease pressure on the nerves and so the pain
  • Relax surrounding muscles
  • Secrete endorphins which is the “love hormone”. That explains why so many people feel great when they get adjusted !
  • Associated with your chiropractic treatment we also recommend you to make some changes in your habits. By doing so you will decrease the stressing factors and improve your health on a daily basis.
  • Maintain a good posture when you sit or stand
  • Move your computer screen to eye level in order to decrease neck tension
  • Take micro-breaks throughout your day, especially if your job requires to sit for long periods of time
  • Sleep on your side (pillow should be as big as the distance between the neck and the shoulder) or on your back (with a thin pillow)
  • Practice a stress relief activity on a regular basis
  • Try regular exercises throughout the day and each week to maintain proper movement in your neck.

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