How to choose the perfect pillow?

There are many factors that affect the quality of sleep you get each night. One of these factors is your pillow. Sleeping with the proper pillow is a simple way to relieve – or even prevent – back problems. Choosing the wrong pillow can exacerbate or start headaches, neck and shoulder pain or even lower back pain.

Your sleep position First of all the sleeping position. We spend around 30% of our life in bed, sleeping. If you sleep in the wrong position, this is around 25-30 years you spent stressing your neck and back ! So here are the simplest and most effective tips we got for you:

Never sleep on the stomach. It forces your neck to be turned on one side and creates a tremendous stress on the neck spine.

  • Sleep on back: if you are a back sleeper, you should use a thin pillow, it will prevent your neck to be pushed forward and stress the muscles.
  • Sleep on the side: side sleeper will need a thicker and firmer pillow. Keep in mind that your spine should be as straight as possible. If the pillow is too soft, your head will sink into the mattress, if it’s too firm, your head will be pushed up.

If you find that you are a mixed sleeper and you find many positions comfortable throughout the night, look for a pillow that is of medium thickness, and a bit softer so that it can be used comfortably in different positions.

Your size Start by choosing the pillow that best suits you based on your size. The pillow should be aligned with the spine, and the spine should be supported in a neutral position.

Lastly, remember older pillows should be replaced every 18 months or so, because they can be packed with illness and allergy triggers such as mold, dead skin cells, and dust mites.

You can test if a pillow is ‘dead’ by seeing if it springs back after you fold it in half. If it doesn’t spring back, it’s time to get a new one.

It is very important to take the time to determine what pillow is the best for you based on your sleeping habits and personal needs. It will help ensure that you wake up refreshed and ready for your day.

If your back, shoulder, headaches or neck problem aren’t resolved with these advice, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule your appointment today! Chiropractic is very effective to treat back pain and sleeping issues resulting from it.