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Pregnancy Wellness

During the pregnancy, women go through plenty of chemical and physical changes. Indeed the body is preparing the future mother to carry her baby and to deliver it 9 months later. Some of these changes include the release of hormones to loosen-up the joints, ligaments and muscle to facilitate the birth-process. It also includes constant center of gravity changes due to the increased body weight. As a consequence of the extra weight in the mother’s womb, many spinal abnormalities can appear and make the pregnancy uncomfortable.

Chiropractic treatment pregnancy

Effective treatment

Chiropractic works specifically on the spine to reduce the misalignment (areas of spine do not have enough or have too many flexibility). It also helps the body to attain a better balance to reduce the extra tensions on the hips, pelvis, back, shoulders, knees, ankle and to relieve the muscle tightness. Chiropractic is very gentle, effective and non painful. It is perfectly adapted to pregnant woman and helps to have an enjoyable child-bearing process. At 3C Care, our experienced doctor is offering outstanding wellness treatment or pain relief treatment.

Common symptoms

Most of the women will start experiencing pain around the 3rd month of pregnancy onwards. It is usually experienced either in the lower back, hips, pelvis area or in the neck and shoulder area. Some women can also experience pain in the thigh, knee or ankles. These symptoms can make a pregnancy very painful and handicapping and most of the women will carry it until they give birth.

It is also important to notice that pain experienced during the pregnancy can be sensed by the baby. Keep a pain free pregnancy is essential for the wellbeing of the baby and future mother.


Treatment Benefits

Pregnant women often visit their chiropractor during their pregnancy. It is a very gentle and natural way to support your body by reducing some of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with pregnancy. Chiropractic facilitate the changes your body goes through to prepare you to give life. Some of the benefits you can experience with us include: maintain a healthier pregnancy, prevent potential surgery, relieve pain (back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip tension, headaches), better positioning for the baby, better labor and birth.

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"Chiropractic, a safe, gentle and effective treatment for pregnancy wellness."

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