Sneaky Ways to Eat Your Veggies

Kids aren’t the only ones who may need to infuse their diet with more veggies. Some adults have an aversion to anything that’s green and healthy. Fortunately, there are some easy, sneaky ways to get more of the good stuff into your daily diet. Does the thought of a spinach salad kind of make you want to gag?

We get it, but getting enough green in your life is important. So to help makeover your meals, we’ve rounded up the ways to make eating vegetables way more bearable.

1. Throw ’em on the grill.
A lot of people’s issue with veggies are their bland and bitter taste. Spice up your vegetables by grilling them as opposed to steaming or boiling. This will give them an interesting smokey flavor reminiscent of your *favorite* BBQ eats.

2. Add butter, garlic, olive oil.
Somewhere along the line we were made to believe vegetables need to be cooked as is in order to be healthy. Although first instinct tells us to steer clear of the fats in things like butter and olive oil, a little bit on your veggies won’t hurt and will totally upgrade the flavor.

3. Remix your favorite dish.
It’s amazing what vegetables can be substituted for! Because of their general lack of flavor, most vegetables can be added to many dishes as a healthy substitute. For example, try switching out the pasta for cauliflower to make a deliciously healthy alternative to the classic mac and cheese.

4. Don’t over/undercook them.
Before we can even talk about seasoning and recipe options, we *have* to know how to cook our vegetables. Imagine my surprise the first time I tried squash that my mom hadn’t overcooked to a soggy mess, it’s actually pretty good. Sometimes the simplest veggie fix is simply steering clear from over or undercooking them to avoid something squishy and unrecognizable or five minutes shy of raw.

5. Put it in a smoothie.
Who said your veggies *had* to be eaten for dinner? Throw them in a smoothie along with some of your favorite fruits and you won’t even notice the taste. This way, you still get to satisfy your sweet tooth while getting all the nutrients and good stuff veggies have to offer.