First Chiropractic Visit - What should I expect ?

The First visit is the most important of all your chiropractic visits. Our doctor follow strict procedures which help to assess, create, track, and modify your treatment plan based on your progress through the care. A typical first visit lasts 30 to 45 minutes and include the initial consultation, physical exam, chiropractic treatment, and treatment program.  Continue to read below to have more information about each part of your First Chiropractic appointment with us.



You will fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of your appointment. The questionnaire will help assess your current health condition, medical history, and any isolated or chronic injuries. Your chiropractor will ask about your profession, lifestyle habits and any physical activities that exacerbate your symptoms. The consultation is a great time to communicate your pain history and health goals.


During the physical exam, the chiropractor will assess your range of motion, reflexes, and muscle strength. The chiropractor will pay especially close attention to the spine, which is the core area of chiropractic care. From there, the chiropractor will examine any specific areas of discomfort in the body.

An X-ray or MRI of your spine may also be required. The X-ray and MRI help your chiropractor understand the structure and integrity of your bone anatomy. The X-ray and MRI also help the chiropractor to see the extent of bone and joint damage and any anomalies in your spine.


After the initial consultation and exam, your chiropractor will determine if you can benefit from receiving a Chiropractic adjustment. More often than not, your chiropractor will be able to adjust your spine and provide immediate pain relief. Your first adjustment will take place on a comfortable specialized table made specifically for chiropractic care. Adjustments may be performed while you are face down, on your side, sitting upright, or lying on your back. To learn more about Chiropractic Care, click here.


It is not uncommon for your chiropractor to recommend multiple sessions and combined therapies. If you have chronic pain, a high level of discomfort, or bear multiple issues at once, you will likely need ongoing care. This can mean regular weekly sessions, reduced to monthly, with the ultimate goal of ongoing care as prevention. We will take into consideration your overall health, physical condition, and goals to create a treatment plan. The treatment plan might combine Chiropractic with Physiotherapy and/or Advanced Muscle Therapy.

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